About Me

Currently working as a full-time front-end engineer at Renaissance Capital, I specialize in web app development. I have a strong passion for building intuitive user interfaces that can handle data at scale.


  • Renaissance Capital LLC, Remote - Front End Developer (04/21 - present)
    • Made several enhancements to the company’s research web-app by adding features and fixing bugs
    • Developed reusable UI components, refactored code, wrote unit tests, and participated in code reviews
    • Worked closely with back-end developers and UX designers to plan, build, and deploy new features
    • Completed deliverables ahead of schedule and reduced technical debt by 70% in the first two months
    • Used TypeScript, React Hooks, React Router, Redux, HTML, SCSS, and REST APIs for all development
  • The Climate Corporation, San Francisco - Software Eng. Intern (05/19 - 08/19)
    • Led a team to develop a secure solution for delivering sensitive user documents on company’s web app
    • Used React JS, Redux, Apex, SOQL, and APIs for developing a reusable UI component to display documents
    • Added several more features to the web-app, and also wrote unit tests, refactored code, and fixed bugs
    • Implemented internationalization to accommodate users entering the web-app from different countries
    • Used agile development principles for gathering requirements, defining tasks, and implementing solutions
  • Genentech, San Francisco - Software Eng. Intern (06/18 - 08/18)
    • Enhanced company’s internal web-app by developing several features that went live onto production
    • Used React JS, Redux, PHP - Laravel, SASS (CSS), and HTML for making the enhancements
    • Modified the employee profiles on the web-app by implementing conditional rendering of data in tabs
    • Worked with the Swagger API tool for fetching data to populate employee information on the web-app
    • Configured NGINX as a reverse proxy for a website, and applied Basic Auth and HLS video streaming to it


  • Flora Details - Project Link
    • Developed a web-app which shows plant details and lets users make accounts to store their favorite plants
    • Used React JS to build a responsive UI which shows plant details in paginated tables with filtering options
    • Used Node JS and Express JS to build an API to connect to a MongoDB Atlas database hosted on the cloud
    • Built an auth workflow with Bcrypt and JWT, and configured NodeMailer for sending password reset emails
    • Built a feature for users to upload pictures, which gets stored on an AWS S3 bucket, and rendered on the UI
    • Deployed web-app on an AWS EC2 instance with NGINX as a reverse proxy to serve the UI and the API
  • Stanford’s TreeHacks - Project Link
    • Developed a microservices based application to allow users to make phone calls to our voice assistant
    • In a team of four, I set up our database, and developed its API which got consumed by multiple applications
  • UC Berkeley’s Cal Hacks - Project Link
    • Developed a web-app to display geolocations of car accidents on a map to alert drivers about road safety
    • In a team of three, I developed the UI using React JS and other libraries to display a fancy map visualization

Technical Skills

  • Languages
    • Java, JavaScript, ES6, Shell
  • Frameworks/Libraries
    • React JS, Node JS, Express JS, Jest and Enzyme (Unit Testing)
  • Databases
    • MongoDB, MySQL, AWS (DocumentDB, RDS)
  • Other
    • REST APIs, HTML/CSS, JSON Web Tokens, AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3), NGINX, Distributed Systems


  • Technical Blog - Link
    • A blog to share software engineering tips to educate readers about various technical topics
  • Freelance - Web Developer
    • Designed and developed 14 websites for small businesses. E.g. Project Link
    • Used JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap4 and GoDaddy to build and host the websites


Phone: (510) 945-8736
E-mail: asharma41@horizon.csueastbay.edu

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